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Once in place, the tank is connected to the source. The downspout is cut, and a diverter is installed. This device has a screen filter that sends the leaves, and debris, down the old downspout and lets the clean water be diverted to the tank. These screens are self cleaning and should be maintenance free. After the screening, the water is sent to yet another component that is unique to rainwater catchment. This fourth component is the First Flush system. It uses the beginning of a rainfall to clean the roof. It discards the first few minutes of a rainfall and sends it down the original downspout. This is to keep the dust and pollen and anything else that builds up on the roof from entering your tank. As more rain falls, this system closes itself off and sends the cleaner water, off to your tank. The piping to your tank can be underground and with proper design, gravity can be used to send this water into your tank. The tank is quite simple. We take steps to make sure all the connections are seismic ally safe, because a break here would mean a major loss of water. The water outlet on the side of tank is designed for multiple uses. Usually their is a pump to send the water into the irrigation system, a tap right at the tank, possible connections to a second tank or even a stand pipe for fire protection. There’s also an overflow outlet. that sends the excess water, out and away from the tankar

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