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Your Home Inspection

Your First Step, The Inspection

The process of finding out how much water you could be saving on your water bill is a painless one. An inspector comes to your home to assess your unique situation and water options I usually walk the property with the owners, giving them a chance to share their ideas and concerns. I look at the roof and how it's laid out in the gutters and how they direct the water, but mostly what I'm looking for someplace to put the tanks. Behind the shed, in the words, on the utility side of the house, or we could even use bladder bag's the store the water under your deck or in the crawl space of your home.


I often take one last look at the property by myself usually to make sure I didn't miss any important aspects, like access to make sure we can get the tanks where we need them, and the hardscaping, the walkways, and driveways, that often surround the house, making moving the water from the downspouts to the tanks, a bit more difficult. Even houses with a large yard have very narrow gates that won't allow an 8 ft. foot tank go through the backyard very easily. But we have many ways of dealing with these problems,


At the end of this first visit, I usually get your email address. And in a day or two, I send you a very specific plan and price. Sometimes often include multiple plans and multiple prices, so you can be completely clear what your options are.


And that's it, a quick walk and talk, and then an email, detailing the specific options for your property. I like to think that's pretty painless.


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